Supreme Extracts – Allen Wrench Shatter


Allen Wrench

This hybrid is a cross between NYC Diesel and Trainwreck. Both of these strains are of good quality and the result is a hybrid with all the best qualities they offer rolled into one. The smell it offers is sour but the taste is very crisp and delicious. It tastes like sour fruit. The smell is one that often resembles various types of flowers and a mixture of fruits. The high it offers is very intense and the room will have a strong essence that lingers for several hours after use. The smell is a cross between skunky and grapefruit. The smell is very strong. Individuals often use Allen Wrench to increase appetite and to improve mood. It is also used as a means of offering more energy and alertness. Some individuals find it helps them to be more creative. It is also used to reduce stress and anxiety.

THC Content: 75-80%

Sold in 1 gram packages.

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