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Marijuana has been a helpful substance in treating or alleviating various conditions, one of which is nausea—providing many users with instant relief from the queasy sensation.

Does marijuana help with nausea?

With the proper dosage, cannabinoids such as THC and CBD possess the ability to help suppress nausea and vomiting. Evidence shows that marijuana can be used as an effective alternative medicine for nausea and has been popularly used by responsible adults as a household treatment. 

How effective is marijuana for the treatment of nausea?

Feeling nauseous can be a symptom of different conditions such as stress, infection, sickness, and anxiety. With little luck with popular medication, this overwhelming and undesirable feeling has led people to find other ways to treat it and some of the most compelling findings lie with the use of marijuana.  Marijuana's active ingredients, known as cannabinoids, play a massive role in its effectiveness in alleviating nausea. In a recent study in 2022, 96% of 886 people who were tested experienced nausea relief after using cannabis within an hour.

How to use marijuana to relieve nausea?

If you're looking to relieve nausea and want to try cannabis, there are a variety of ways to go about it. An important thing to remember is to select a high-THC strain, since that is the chemical compound that helps best when combating nausea and vomiting. Smoking marijuana: Whether you choose to take a hit from a bong or roll a joint, smoking marijuana offers easy, quick, and sometimes instant relief for those suffering from nausea. Vaping marijuana: Vapor is the modern way of smoking, which involves heating the active ingredients and turning them into vapor using a vape pen. Vapers love how convenient they are and how you can bring the device and take a hit on the go. Marijuana edibles: Another easy and fun way to consume your marijuana and get rid of that nauseous feeling is to eat them. You can either add them to your baked meals or buy packed edibles you can find online.

Pros & cons of using marijuana for nausea

There are many advantages to using marijuana for nausea, including aiding a variety of other conditions like anxiety and chronic pain, and assistance in easing muscle spasms. The instant relief and reliability you can achieve with marijuana is the main reason users love it. Meanwhile, overconsumption and failure to control dosage can lead to other side effects like dry mouth, dizziness, and disorientation. It is highly suggested to start with a lower dose and work your way up to find a good balance. 

Best marijuana strains for nausea

Tons of marijuana strains can effectively be used to relieve nausea.  If you need a little help choosing, here are some of the Best Marijuana Strains that will alleviate your nausea: White Widow: White widow is a famous balanced hybrid that leaves you with a spectacular blend of energy and euphoria. You can count on it to relieve stress, pain, anxiety, and nausea. Pink x Green Crack: This strain delivers a strong head high that gives you clarity and focus like no other. It is also widely used as an alternative treatment for migraines, nausea, chronic pain, and headaches. Headband Strains: You can never go wrong with the Headband Strain when it comes to alleviating conditions like migraine or nausea, as it contains an average THC of 23%. Check them out, available here at Chrono today. OG Kush: One of the all-time favourite buds out there is the OG Kush, as medical patients widely use it to relieve inflammation, insomnia, stress, nausea, and other health conditions.

Marijuana and Nausea