Evolve Disposable Vape Pen (2 grams)


Evolve Brand hails from Vancouver, and has been a staple brand in Delta-9-based distillate products.  The distillate they create is produced in a certified facility and uses organic strains from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia., free from any chemicals used in the growing process.

The Vape Pens are disposable but are rechargeable using a standard 2.0 Micro USB cable (not provided in the box), which is commonly available.

The Vape Pen usually fully charges in 1 hour – 2 hours when plugged in, and an overnight charge is not advised.

Enjoy one of the purest distillates in Canada with Evolve Disposable Pens.


To turn on, press the button 5 times. An LED will flash green.

To use, just take a drag, no need to hold the button.

To power off, press the button 5 times. An LED will flash red.

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